Solid Waste Contacts

Eddie Blizzard
Phone: 256.912.0540

Leslie Gray
Account Billing Manager
Phone: 256.912.0541

Georgina Brizendine
Facilities Coordinator
Phone: 256.912.0543

Roll-off Container

The City of Scottsboro offers Roll-off containers for industries, contractors and individuals for industrial waste and construction and demolition debris.  The City offers 2 different size containers, 20 yd and 40 yd roll-offs.  The following items cannot be disposed of in a roll-off:Stumps, limbs and brush, tires, batteries, liquids, petroleum products (used or clean oil) medical waste, hazardous waste (chemicals, pesticides, antifreeze, etc.), paint or concrete.The cost of these containers are as follows:$250.00 deposit required for either size.

• 20 yd roll-off
• $41.00 per calendar month rental
• $153.75 per disposal

• 40 yd roll-off
• $82.00 per calendar month rental
• $256.25 per disposal

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